Vevo 2100, VisualSonics
The Vevo 2100 is a High-Frequency Ultrasound System imaging platform for preclinical studies.
VevoStrain Software
3D representation of the parametric display.
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Dear Colleague,
The Lionel Opie Preclinical Imaging (LOPI) Core Facility has established itself as an African leading Imaging research facility for preclinical studies.

Available to any researcher, our vision is to make available state-of-the-art imaging facility to contribute to research excellence (facilitate publications in peer-reviewed journals with high impact factors), knowledge (including student training programmes), translation from bench to bedside). Most importantly, the equipment made available is non-invasive and as such, it will assist researchers in achieving ethical goals of reducing the number of animals used for research and refining the procedures performed on animals.

The establishment of the LOPI Core Facility is a joint venture between the Departments of Medicine, Surgery and Anaesthesia. It has been made possible by support from a range of sources including our Colleagues from various Universities and Research Facilities in the Western Cape, Emeritus Professor Lionel Opie, the University of Cape Town, the National Research Foundation and AGBL Sub Sahara.

With Kind Regards

A/Prof Sandrine Lecour
Dept of Medicine
A/Prof Neil Davies
Dept of Surgery
Prof Justiaan Swanevelder
Dept of Anaesthesia