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Vevo 2100, VisualSonics

The Vevo 2100 is a High-Frequency Ultrasound System imaging platform that allows for in vivo anatomical, functional, physiological and molecular data to be obtained simultaneously, in real-time and with a resolution down to 30 μm.

The system available at the facility comes equipped with the following transducers:

  • MS201;
  • MS400
  • MS550.

Additionally the integrated Vevo imaging station with capability for image-guided injections is available.

High-resolution analysis of changes in regional & global heart motion is possible as the Vevo strain analysis suite is loaded.

For more information: http://www.visualsonics.com/products/vevo-2100

Vivid i, General Electronics

The Vivid i is a high-performance, battery-operated, ultra-portable diagnostic Ultrasound system. The Vivid i can image the heart, abdominal organs and other small-parts and is best suited for analysis in large animals.

The following transducers are available:

  • 3S-RS Sector Phased Array Comfort Scan Probe (Adult)
  • 6S-RS Sector Phased Array Comfort Scan Probe (Paediatric)
  • 6T-RS OR Multiplane TOE / TEE Probe
  • 8L-RS Linear Array Probe – i12L-RS

Additional information can be found at http://www3.gehealthcare.com/en/products/categories/ultrasound/vivid/vivid_i